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Birth of Moonlight Foundation Nepal::

In 2009, a young man by the name of Santosh Koirala began The Moonlight Foundation with a mission to serve the underprivileged children of Nepal. In his own words, “If I were born into a middle class family, I may not have started this school. It is my dream to provide poor children an education to help them overcome poverty in the same way that I did.”

The Moonlight School only serves children living at or below the poverty level. If it were not for the Moonlight School, these children would be living on the streets. In fact, that is where new students are recruited, from the slums of Kathmandu. Although the school has grown considerably over the years, there are unfortunately many more children in Kathmandu living in dire conditions who need the opportunity of a basic education.

How MFN Started:

After a life-altering trip through beautiful Nepal in 2008, Jocelyn Luko- Sandstrom and Anthony Sandstrom were highly inspired by the kindness of their trek guide, Santosh Koirala, and his dream to open a school for underprivileged children. After collaborating with numerous sponsors in recent years, through various fundraising events in Hong Kong, the Sandstroms and many others around the world have supported Santosh with funding to help create the Moonlight Foundation Nepal charity school.

Why MFN Mission Started

You may be surprised to hear that in Nepal, even though it is regarded as a fundamental human right, many children are still being deprived of receiving a basic education because of poor economic conditions.

There are many kinds of suffering and pain that Nepali children must face. Some are living in the streets; some are working as child laborers in Nepal.  Accordingly, Moonlight Foundation Nepal School’s primary aim is to provide quality education that includes computer, dance, music, art and drawing to underprivileged, street & destitute children free of any cost.

So we have started this school to provide a quality education for underprivileged children that helps them shape a better world and build a more sustainable future, self-dependence, success, and a happy life. 

We believe single efforts may not educate all of the needy children. However, we are working to expand our educational abilities, to cater for our children’s diverse lives. For Example: if we are only able to support 500 or 1000 or more children with an education, we inspire these children directly or indirectly to follow a path like their education-oriented mentors at the Moonlight Foundation Nepal. So our mission is not only educating children but also it is also a part of our dream that by helping a great number of children, each of these children will one day in turn begin to help other children in similar situations. 


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