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To continue providing free education, food, and medical assistance to impoverished children in Nepal, Moonlight School is always in need of valuable suggestions, donations, volunteers, and sponsorship.  Your kind suggestions and support are instrumental to helping the school continue their long-term mission.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference at Moonlight School, there are several options:

Volunteer Opportunities at Moonlight School

The children attending Moonlight School have benefited greatly from visiting English-speaking volunteers. We would like to extend an invitation to you to volunteer at Moonlight school - all volunteers and interns are welcomed. We accept applicants on a rolling basis, both short-term and long-term.

There are four options for volunteering and engagement at the school:

  • Assisting with reading groups
  • Participating in arts and crafts
  • Fostering enjoyment of music and dance
  • Developing computer competence

Moonlight School provides a simple, but clean and safe accommodation for all volunteers free of any cost.

Volunteers will stay with a host family in a conveniently located neighborhood. Lodging arrangements consist of modern toilet facilities and running water. Volunteers may either stay alone or share a room with other volunteers. Volunteering at Moonlight School will give you a deep insight into the Nepali culture. Rest assured there are no “hidden fees” for any volunteers at Moonlight School.

 Sponsor a Child

If you are unable to donate your time as a volunteer in Nepal, a $350 USD or 300 EURO per year monetary donation will provide all stationeries, school rent, teaching materials, uniforms for one child. The teacherís salary is paid by the Moonlight Nepal Trekking and Adventure. The school is a nonprofit organization and your donation can be a tax benefit to you, while at the same time helping a child climb out of poverty.

Your generous and valuable donation can make a real difference for a child in desperate need. It is our hope that all Moonlight children will follow in the footsteps of Santosh Koirala, the Moonlight School founder, and use their education to overcome poverty and improve the lives of others in the community.

Donate Material

You can help us improve our facilities at Moonlight School by donating commodities, play items, clothes, books, stationery, medical supplies, and other useful items. Computers, sewing machines, and other resources are also greatly appreciated. Please contact us anytime and we will be happy to inform you of Moonlight School’s current needs.

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