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Our Vision
Our Vision is to provide the quality education for the underprivileged children that helps them to shape a better world and build a more sustainable future, self-dependence, success, and a happy life"As the moon enlightens the earth, it replaces the darkness with it light. At Moonlight Foundation, we enlighten the children and replace ignorance and blind faith with the help of education". 

The mission of this organization is to provide education free of cost to those children who are disabled, orphans, helpless and destitute. This organization believes that no child should be deprived of getting education whether they are poor or rich, low caste or high caste, orphans or non-orphans.

To increase the number of students at Moonlight School, to become established as a model school for underprivileged and impoverished children to study,  and to expand our philanthropic work while providing an education to many disadvantaged children from all over Nepal.

What Makes the Moonlight Foundation So Special

1. Free Education for Impoverished Children
All children at the Moonlight School come from highly impoverished families. Some of the children are orphans, while others were found working in garment factories or in slum settlements in Kathmandu. Many come from families where drug and/or alcohol addiction is a serious issue. Every single child at the MFN School would not receive an education without the support of the Moonlight Foundation. Private schools are commonplace in Kathmandu. However, many of these school charge high student fees and are, as a result, beyond the financial reach of many families. Education provided at the Moonlight School is entirely free. Students are provided with free uniforms, shoes, textbooks and other learning materials – as well as a daily meal. Where needed, students are also provided with medical and disability support.

2. A Dedicated Team of Hard Working Staff
The Moonlight Foundation and school are made up of a small team of hard working individuals that live within Kathmandu and have a deep understanding of Nepal’s socio-cultural particularities. Teaching staff at the Moonlight School all receive a lower salary (sometimes around 50% less) than they could negotiate at private schools and willingly work longer days. The School’s founder and the management team work on a volunteer basis. Yet, despite these financial sacrifices, the quality of education at the Moonlight School remains above national averages.

3. Student-Focused Learning
In contrast to Nepal’s public education system, which offers only four subjects (maths, science, English and Nepali) until Grade 5 and just two electives in senior years, the Moonlight School teaches its students all national curriculum electives (computer literacy, art, music and dancing) from Grade 1. By offering such a holistic curriculum to the students from such a young age, the Moonlight School has been able to cultivate student passions and talents, and to ensure that its educational curriculum remains both informative and enjoyable. Furthermore, while most private schools have 45 students per class (and public schools as many as 80 students per class) the Moonlight School limits its class numbers to 20 students.

4. Gender Equality
Gender inequality is a serious concern in Nepal, where women experience high maternal mortality rates, higher unemployment rates, domestic violence and weak political representation. Women are particularly disadvantaged in regards to access to education – as is evidenced in the 23 percent gap in adult literacy between males and females (adult literacy is 53 percent for women and 76 percent for men). The Moonlight Foundation is deeply committed to promoting gender equality across both staff and student numbers. Seven of the school’s eight teachers are females and approximately 60 percent of students are girls.


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