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To Get Involved

For operating our school. We are in current need of your support. Any kind of donation - your skills, materials, financial support or fundraising activities are more than welcome and very much appreciated! Please find detailed information here:

1. Volunteer and donate your skills
You can help our staff with daily activities at the school. You can help us by child counseling, teaching English, vocational trainings, doing creative art-works or music with the children. Your skill will be helpful for the moral, intellectual personality and social development for the children. With your involvement, we anticipate that the children will gain self-confidence, self-respect and enthusiasm.

We will be more than happy to help you with finding accommodation and showing you around beautiful places around Kathmandu. Volunteering at Moonlight School will give you a close insight into parts of the Nepali culture that many tourists don´t get to know.

2. Donate Material
You can help us improve the facility of your contribution by donating commodities, play items, clothes, books, stationeries, medical supplies and other useful things will be greatly appreciated. Besides this, you can also donate furniture, computers, sewing machines, etc...Please contact us and we will be happy to inform you what we´re currently in need of.

3. Support financially
At this moment, we can't manage all these respectable things without your kind help and support. We need your all kind of support but financial support is the prominent one to lead this organization forward. Your little-little donation will do great works in its domain of providing education.

If you like to make a financial support, here is a bank details.

Bank Details
Account Holder Name: Moonlight Foundation Nepal
Account Number: OO100100677799000001
Address: Main Branch -Anamnagar Kathmandu Nepal
Swift Code: KISTNPKA

4. Raise fund
We need people to raise funds for operating the school. For only $300 USD you can get a child off the street and into the Moonlight School.  Only $300 USD per year is all it takes per pupil to provide all school supplies, teachers’ salaries, and daily meals for each child. 

Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information!

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